Performance appraisals to continue in Beijing public hospitals


Public hospitals in Beijing will continue to explore performance appraisals of medical service providers as part of the city’s effort to improve management of medical institutions, the city’s health authority said at a news conference on Tuesday.

A systematic and fair performance appraisal system is highlighted in an action plan released by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning at the gathering.

The action plan aims at establishing a modern hospital management system, and providing higher-quality medical services to the public.

Patient satisfaction accounts for the largest proportion of the appraisal result, said Lyu Yiping, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals.

“Public hospitals are essentially institutions dedicated to public welfare, so assessments from the public are given top priority,” she said.

Safety, management of medical drugs and apparatus, the level of academic research and daily operations also are factored into appraisal outcomes, she said.

Beijing Chaoyang Hospital began a performance appraisal pilot program several years ago and has been pushing for a more meticulous evaluation based on categories of diseases and illnesses.

“The evaluation results are directly linked to medical workers’ pay, serving as a stimulus to their work,” said Liang Jinfeng, deputy secretary of the hospital.

The action plan also states that supervision from social organizations and third-party institutions should be strengthened.

In addition, medical workers found in breach of medical ethics will be denied access to promotion, and their performance appraisal results will be directly affected, according to the action plan.